Monday, March 19, 2012

Last week I was working on the cover icons for 3 of these last five books.
We did test stampings, and here is what they looked like.
This is the icon for Letters Volume 3, which looks kind of like Ginny, if she were of Asian descent and got punched in her left eye.  Oh bad.  I think this icon is based off of this photo:
Here's to hoping the next round is much better.

These junks are for Tramp Royale.  They look ok, but the black and white has way more detail that didn't show up due to the blurring/spreading effect stamping has.  The original file was:
We reversed it upon suggestion from Transcontinental that it would be nice for the boats to be gold rather than leather, which also meant I needed to add the ring.

Here is Screen Writing 1 - the black and white has more detail but this looks good, too.

Screen Writing 2 was more tricky since some of the the detail did show up.  So we tweaked it and are waiting to see what the changes look like.

And lovely Requiem which came out perfect.

This morning I received an email from Julie at Transcontinental letting me know that the three I had worked on were not different enough.  So I worked on them for several hours this morning and sent them back to her and should hear back tomorrow morning.

This is the last stage of the getting everything printed so they can be bound and shipped.  As far as I know the interiors are already printing.  It is just dear Ginny's face that I still have reservations about.  I hope it comes out pretty.