Monday, November 21, 2011

Status Update

As you all may be aware from the shelf space the collection is already taking up we are coming to the end of this very long quite bumpy road.  The last five volumes need to be read over or just have the last set of edits checked and will go to the printer soon.  

We (Sean and myself) just got in the fully updated Screen Writing 2 and are diving in.  I wanted to share a piece of it with you.

From Crater Base One - "Nothing Ever Happens--" 
The television has below it a more numerous group of controls than are found on a livingroom set; this is intended to be a closed-circuit system whereby the Director can see, from his desk, any of many scenes inside and outside Crater Base One. A single power knob plus a long row of push buttons conspicuously numbered and/or lettered is sufficient to simulate this. It is assumed that a repeater with parallel controls is located in his private dining-living room, and another at his bedside; thus the Director can see, from the three places where he spends most of his time, every major activity he directs. Cutting in the video pickup also cuts in 2-way teletalk . . . and it may be assumed that the video is 2-way, also, for this is 1988.  

As we all know, 1988 of course had two way t.v.'s.  At least now we have touch screens and video chat on our phones and computers.  Dear Mr. Heinlein, sorry we took so long.