Thursday, December 8, 2011

2011 is almost finished and so is this lovely collection.

Today I sent in the last full round of edits for Letters 3
I just got in the next round of Screen Writing 1, which puts our current standing at:

Vol. 41 - (the elusive) Letters 3 - last set of edits have been sent in, need to be applied, and needs permission to print
Vol. 43 - Tramp Royale - needs permission to print
Vol. 44 - Screen Writing 1 - last read through, apply, quality control, apply, and needs permission to print
Vol. 45 - Screen Writing 2 - send in last edits, which need to be applied, then quality control, apply, and permission to print
Vol. 46 - Requiem - quality control, apply any edits, then needs permission to print

Sean and I are splitting SP 1 (Screen Writing 1) and hope to have this round finished by COB on Monday.  At which point, I hope we have Requiem and/or Letters 3.  Close of business Tuesday should see us with 2 books ready to print (minus the official permission form), maybe 3.  

The screenplays have been a hassle.  Most of them have not been typeset before, which left a lot of room to design a readable book, but also a lot of open questions.  We have tried to stay close to the patterns and formats, while adjusting text and layout to make them internally consistent.  It meant a lot of word juggling for Andrew, who has been working pretty much solo in New Hampshire. 

This overdue update written, I am going to get reading!  
Hope to write soon with more completions to report.