Monday, May 3, 2010

The Books are coming, the Books are coming

Two things first:
My apologies for not keeping up with the blog - I am not a habitual blogger yet, but will work on it. Also, my boss had me focus on another project for a couple of weeks, leaving limited time for VE.
Thank you all for your words of appreciation and encouragement!

Now for the important news -
We had some delays relating to how long I thought it would take to get all of the official permission forms on file with both our editors and our printer. There was a week delay because the "Rasin" colored ribbons that serve as the page markers for this lovely collection were out of stock with the printer's supplier. We did not want to use a similar color since this is a limited edition collector's set. I also wasn't sure how "similar" the color would turn out to be. The ribbons did come in and shipping was completed by the printer Thursday April 29th. This means that while relying on various postal services the books should be in your hands this week!!! Hip-hip hurray!!!

As to the current status of the remaining volumes.
At different time we have posted the inclusion or not of a volume called Heinlein Century. We are still debating on the on or off status of this volume. I will let you know as to whether this remains a separate volume or whether we incorporate the material into the other volumes (specifically the Letters volumes and the Non-fictions). The current leaning is to take to pieces and incorporated them rather than try and pull enough pieces, with duplication, to have enough material for a 47th volume.

Creating a Genre is getting its last edits added to the text.
I am currently in process or reading through/editing The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, which makes for a confusing edit since Loonies don't use standard American (or British) grammar. This volume also introduced me to Simon Jester :).
I also am in possession of New Worlds to Conquer and Glory Road.
- I am getting married in about 3 weeks and so will definitely be out of touch for about two weeks. However, while I am home I will be trying to complete The Moon and at least one of the others.

We are having some organizational complications with the Screenplay, Letter, and Non-fiction volumes. As you might imagine these are the most difficult to set up in a pleasant, readable fashion. We, Bill, Nancy, Andrew, and myself, are working to tie up all loose ends and get these volumes, a significant portion of the remainder, ready to be proofread as soon as all issues are resolved.

Some of you queried about a contact address for VE issues - the link on the VE website for contact should forward emails to me, but for a more direct address use:
leahmccarrick @ virginiaedition dot com

Once again thank you for following along :)