Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yes, I realize it is April.

I have had updating this blog on my list of things to do since a week or two after I last updated it.
Now for the follow through.

As you are all well aware we have 10 books left to go in this long lived collection of 46.

Here is the current standing:
  1. Nonfiction 1 - through 3 proof reads including mine. (If you are not familiar with the origin of The Door Into Summer, it is found in this volume and I really liked it.)
  2. Nonfiction 2 - I got this volume last week and just reached the halfway point before I finally started this long awaited update.
  3. Letters 1 - Sean Thompson is back part-time and is do our 3 proof on this volume. (He thinks he will be done with it by the end of this week.)
  4. Letters 2 - I am waiting for a call back from Andrew and Nancy at Windhaven as to when I can see this book. (Actually, it probably will go to Sean.)
  5. Letters 3 - this one had a little trouble at the first proofreader, but may be back at WH (see comment above).
  6. Farnham's Freehold - Already through all three passes and back at WH for final edits to be applied.
  7. Tramp Royale - is working through some last typesetting issues - like discussions on including the map tracing the Heinleins' journeys around the world.
  8. Screenplay 1 - transcribed, still needs typesetting.
  9. Screenplay 2 - this one is still on my to do list for transcribing since some of the pages are almost impossible - see image below.
  10. Requiem - We have decided to add a table of contents for the whole collection here - so until we are almost finished this one sits on the side lines.

I would like to poll you all on several questions (if you would like to respond):
[I will also send this out in email to all subscribers. Please suggest questions you think may be helpful towards a goal of understanding the demographics of the Heinlein community.]

  1. Age
  2. In which country do you reside?
  3. If USA, which state, if not skip?
  4. Gender
  5. What industry do you work in?
  6. How did you hear about the Virginia Edition Collection?
    1. Internet
    2. Print advertisement
    3. Word of mouth
    4. Heinlein Centennial
    5. Other – please specify
Sean and I were also asked to work on a travelling Heinlein exhibit to be used both in more traditional museum installments, but also for trade fairs and the like. I would appreciate some ideas for exhibits. Here are some I have come up with so far:

  1. The poem “Dance Session,” Virginia Heinlein’s skates, a letter from RAH to VG with a doodle of her ice skating
  2. Manuscript of article: “Appointment in Space”/ “All Aboard the Gemini,” Popular Mechanics May 1963 (turned to page 112 or after)
  3. Photograph(s) from the archives of the V2 launch, Article “Journey of Death”
  4. Heinlein’s computer with a MS or letters or something
  5. Heinlein’s camera with original photos and blow-ups thereof
  6. Props and photos from Destination Moon - specifically the picture of Ginny and RAH on set (although I think we only have a newspaper clipping), include the article “Shooting Destination Moon
  7. The Rolling Stones TV script for Star Trek: “The Trouble with Tribbles.” (Opus #92?), props or shots from the episode
  8. Heinlein’s Hugo’s along with copies of MS or paperback or hardcover of the winners and a description/background of the Hugos