Friday, June 6, 2008

I realize it's Friday again, but I wanted to have actual progress to report:
Our artist was delayed in his return from vacation and didn't get back to town 'til today--if I hadn't been able to get hold of him today, I was going to try to get help from an artist I know of here in Houston, fortunately, however, that is not necessary. He's back in town and we're talking with the printers to work out what needs to be changed. Ideally, we'll know what requirements we have to meet by the end of the day today, Fraser will fix up the work for the first books, we'll continue onwards and confetti will fall from the sky.
I will post again as soon as we have confirmation from the printer that everything is A-OK and the covers are being printed.

Also, everybody should have received an email or letter from me to confirm contact information. If you haven't, please email me (sean (dot) thompson (at) dula (dot) com) and let me know. It occurs to me that you might want confirmation that I've received your reply so I will send confirmation of receipt to everybody.