Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Buzzword: Progress (Until the Luddites attack)

I thought everybody would appreciate a quick update on our current status.

Volume 7, as it has been ready to go, and is merely awaiting our final decision. Thank you all for bearing with us as we press forward with this.

Volume 8 (Destination: Moon) is nearly ready to be sent in for an estimate.

Volume 9 (The Past Through Tomorrow Part 1) is being proofed and we expected it to be ready by the end of August.

Volume 10 (The Past Through Tomorrow Part 2) is going through the initial proofing stages and Bill Patterson is preparing his introduction. Hopefully, this volume will be prepped and ready by the end of September.

Volumes 11 (Stranger in a Strange Land) and 12 (How To Be A Politician) have been scanned in and should be ready for proofreading. Assuming everything continues on schedule, these should be ready in October and November.

Also, somebody raised the following question: I am curious if the quality of the books, i.e., acid free paper, etc., is going to continue with the rest of the books in the series.

Yes, we do intend to maintain the same quality of book that has been enjoyed previously.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Lensman Clarification

I feel I should clarify an error I made in the first post. Meisha-Merlin has not declared bankruptcy. They are merely unable to fulfill their obligations to the Trust. I apologize for any confusion which may have resulted from my error.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Times of Change and Change of Time

It's been a bit longer between updates than I'd hoped.

I blame Sasquatch.

Question: Do you still intend to offer the limited "exclusive" Virginia editions to the current subscribers?

The Exclusive editions will continue to be provided to those who have ordered them. As I write this, I understand that we have sold all twenty of the exclusive editions. The Trust was the organization providing the memorabilia and we are more than happy to continue providing the exclusive edition to those who have ordered it. On that note, those who ordered the exclusive edition should have received or will shortly receive a copy of the program book from the Heinlein Centennial.

We're one step away from formally incorporating the new entity that will be responsible for the Virginia Edition, we're just waiting for Trustee approval and we'll be up and running, rather like a well-tuned piano.*

In other news, we're holding off one more week on publishing volume #7. We understand that everybody is impatient to get the next volume and see the next piece of the painting--I hear Snape kills Voldemort--however while speaking with the printer, we found something we believe could be amazing for all of the subscribers. I don't want to say too much in case it doesn't go as planned, so I'll leave you with that tantalizing tidbit.

*I am aware that, under normal circumstances, pianos do not run.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Commentary and Riposte I

Question: With whom are you affiliated? Are you with Meisha Merlin RAH, or with the Heinlein Prize Trust? Other? Will you be at the Centennial to answer questions?

I am an employee the Heinlein Prize Trust. Meisha-Merlin is now a defunct organization; further progress on the Virginia Edition will be handled by a new corporation set up and guaranteed by the Trust. I will be at the Centennial along with Buckner Hightower, one of the Heinlein Trustees. We will be available throughout the Centennial to answer questions and I believe Mr. Hightower intends to have a question-and-answer session on Saturday or Sunday.