Wednesday, July 8, 2009

In Which Your Humble Correspondent Deciidedly Does Not Die For Anybody's Sins

Friday has been reviewed and carefully sent away to have revisions implemented before it goes through prepress. Future History 1 came in well ahead of schedule--though I'm due an update on scheduling for the following volumes sometime today so we'll see how that goes--and I am currently working through # of the Beast.

Normally, as recurring readers may be aware, I keep my humble opinions to myself. I am simply the technician striving to bring you a quality product, no vain talking head I!

That said, I would like it known that I am currently reading through # of the Beast. Again. For what I believe is the ninth time. I have read the apocrypha, the Panki-Barsoom ending which, to my mind, calls up the ending of The Puppet Masters and is far superior to the published Beast ending in that it, y'know, has an actual ending. The conclusion *concludes.* Perhaps structure is simply madness in a post-modern world, I hesitate to comment as it was the...absence of substance or structure which once upon a time led me to decide against the topless towers of the English academe.

A quick search of # of the Beast turns up 16 uses of the word "teats," 11 uses of "nipples," and 2 uses of "Spung!" to describe nipples coming erect. I didn't think to search for "breasts" or any other terms. I think I'll write a "# of the Beast Unabridged Summary (Abridged)" as I go along to keep myself sane.

My point being, I'm reading this again. For you. Oh dear me.

PS: I'd like to draw people's attention to which started yesterday--07/07/09, Heinlein's 102nd birthday--where a number of Heinlein afficionados are making an effort to centralize all the muck that's fit to rake about Heinlein. I encourage everybody to take a look, maybe toss in some content contributions or the like.

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