Monday, February 18, 2008

The wheel keeps turning...

...but that only matters to the ones on the rim.

Frabjous joy (Have I already used that line? Alas.) Okay, I've got a basic printing timeline from Transcontinental. Everything will be ready to be bound as of March 19th. The time between March 19th and completion of the first books depends on a few options I confirmed this morning and so we should have a final date for that in the next couple of days.

Beyond that, volumes 8-13 and 15-19--Stranger in a Strange Land, How to be a Politician, Rocket Ship Galileo, Space Cadet, Farmer in the Sky, Between Planets, The Rolling Stones, Starman Jones, and the Star Beast--have been scanned and will be moving to the proofreading part of the process. Volume 14 (Red Planet) was delayed due to shipping problems. Uncountable, unspeakable, unholy shipping problems. Books will be moved along and completed at the rate of 3 to 4 a month. If we assume a bare minimum, we'll be seeing the next twelve completed in four months--about June--and at flat-out rates, we'll have 'em in May or so.

We'd originally planned to do volumes 1-10, 11-22, 23-34, 35-46 (roughly). The original volume 8 was lost to redistribution, volumes 9 and 10 needed more work done, and two volumes of screenplays have been added. Now our first two print runs will be volumes 1-7 and then 8-19. I'll double-check, of course, but I believe the best course of action hereafter will be to print 20-33 and 34-47 together. (I'm also open to all of your thoughts on the matter.)

Due to clerical and administrative delay, the refunds did not go out last week. I have everything I need now, however, and will be sending them out today and Wednesday. Frankh, don't worry, I'll make sure your leaves with the first batch.

More than a few have asked me whether or not Variable Star would be included with the Virginia Edition. Our plan is not to include it as, though it is based on Heinlein's outlines, it is not Heinlein's writing. Nonetheless, given what appears to be reasonable interest, I *might* be able to start talking with a few people to see if we can get the rights to print a copy of it in the same format as the rest of the Virginia Edition.

If we did do this, it would be an add-on you could choose to purchase. Before I do any of this, however, I'd need to know how many of you would actually be interested in purchasing the volume. (It'll likely be a little while before I find the time to make inquiries, but go ahead and either respond to this post or to my email.)

Also, Donato has completed his work on the painting and is just awaiting an address to which he should send the plate. I'll keep you posted on the status of that as it develops.

I believe that's all for today.

Ad Astra


Fred said...

Thanks for that update.

You wrote: "I'd need to know how many of you would actually be interested in purchasing the volume [Variable Star]."

Since you ask...I'd much rather have the option to purchase the complete 2-volumes of Patterson's forthcoming RAH bio. FWIW.

Zarf said...

First of all, I agree with Fred's initial comment --- thanks for that update!!!

I would be very much interested in a matching copy of Variable Star. And I'd also be somewhat interested in a matching copy of the Patterson bio, but much less so than the matching copy of Variable Star.

And thanks for the updated production schedule info. Looks very reasonable, especially with regards to the proposed volume groupings.

Jack said...

Thanks for the update Sean. The Trust should be commended for picking up the mess Meisha Merlin left behind. I am enthused about the schedule and looking forward to start receiving the books I bought several years ago!

I would like both Variable Star and the Patterson Bio. If I had to choose I would prefer the new bio, but being a greedy Heinlein enthusiast I would love both.

RichardBamberg said...

Like Jack said:
"I would like both Variable Star and the Patterson Bio. If I had to choose I would prefer the new bio, but being a greedy Heinlein enthusiast I would love both."

All I can add is: DITTO!

curtt said...

Ditto the above on the update, am looking forward to getting the books.

I could care less about Variable Star but would LOVE the opportunity to get the Patterson Bio in the same format.

Dan said...

I would like both Variable Star (it would be my third copy, after the hardback and the audio editions) and the Patterson bio. Thanks for asking!

John N. said...

As others have said: "Thanks for the update!". Add me to the list of those interested in Variable Star & the Patterson bio...