Friday, February 8, 2008

Today's title is blank in honor of transparencies, the unsung heroes of the classroom.

The website is now nearly completely functional. We've had transactions run successfully and I've been able to add a basic ordering option, but I'm apparently not nearly as technically brilliant as I thought and thus need our beloved webmistress's* help to set up options for people who need to make multiple payments.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but a number of Heinlein's screenplays were found and will be published as a two-volume set by Shadow Press. These volumes will also be included in the Virginia Edition.

One side of this is that all the material for Volume 8: Destination Moon will be included elsewhere in the edition. As such, we're going to get rid of it as a discrete volume, move them all up a stage, and move from there. We're going to send Shadow Press all the pictures we have from Destination: Moon so that they can create a much nicer production than might otherwise have been the case.

Talk to you all Monday (though it may be a bit of a quickie).


RichardBamberg said...

I searched on "Taratan II Lido Burgundy leather" and could not find it except on your site. Even Tartan II Lido Burgundy leather did not come up with a specific site. What is Taratan II Lido Burgundy leather?

Thanks and a tip of the hat,

John N. said...

Question re 'Shadow Press'; I did a quick web search, and didn't turn up anything on a Shadow Press publishing some Heinlein. However, I know that Subterranean Press is publishing some; I was wondering if the material in those editions would be in the Virginia Edition...