Friday, October 15, 2010


I have a research project for you all.

I have seen several different articles give different numbers on the amount of Hugo Awards
Heinlein received.

The Virginia Edition website says he won 6.
IMDB reports only 4.
In going through The Hugo Award website I think I have uncovered 7.

Five for Best Novel:
Farmer in the Sky (awarded retroactively in 2001 for 1951)
Double Star (won in 1956)
Starship Troopers (won in 1960 and which I just watched the movie for last night for the first time)
Stranger in a Strange Land (won in 1962)
The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress (won in 1967)

One for Best Novella
The Man Who Sold the Moon (a
warded retroactively in 2001 for 1951)

One for Best Dramatic Presentation
Destination Moon (
awarded retroactively in 2001 for 1951)

I ask readers to check-up on this and report any confirmations/comments.

Also, (and probably more important to many of you) we are looking into printing 5 of the last 15 books in time for the holidays. The remaining 10 will be printed in the 1st or 2nd quarter of 2011.


Fred said...

Hi "LP"

I believe that you are correct. One could argue that the retro-Hugo for Destination Moon was awarded to the film as a whole, not solely RAH as screenwriter.

Now, to your excellent suggestion - I'd love to see the next 5 books released before the end of the year. I'll go you one better: why not re-order the remaining books a bit, by bringing Farnham's Freehold up to #37? That would bunch together all of the remaining fiction.

You could thus publish and ship the six remaining fiction volumes as a tranche before the end of the year, and focus on the (probably more difficult to edit) non-fiction.

Fingers crossed.

Chap said...

"the movie"