Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Of BombShells and Shelters

I may have mentioned this before, but one of my favorite written lines is from Lewis Carroll in The Walrus and the Carpenter when the time has come to talk of many things, "Of cabbages--and kings--"

But on to relevant matters:

Things are *still* proceeding along and the books seem on track to be ready by the end of this week for shipping starting early next week. Clearly, this means the world is ending and I must go hide in my bunker with the emergency scotch supply.

In all seriousness, though, matters look positive.

In regards to my previous query about Podkayne of Mars:

We will be printing the volume in a manner similar, I believe, to that done by Baen recently. It will be printed with the original ending and an appendix will follow with the edited version that was originally published. We have correspondence which indicates that Mr. Heinlein was not pleased at having had to change that section of the work.

Also, for those who may have been wondering, it was decided to publish the extended Stranger in a Strange Land that Ginny released following Heinlein's death.


Fred said...

I applaud both of these decisions. If there's a question about any given edition (e.g. Red Mars, Puppet Masters), then I think that the nod should be given to Ginnie's preference. This *is* the Virginia Edition :-)

Zarf said...

Sean: Well done!!! A wonderful solution to the problem at hand!

(And I agree, precisely, with fred's reasoning. Well stated!)

Francesco said...

Perfect solution, I think!

BTW, I just received the first set... volumes 1-7, they look great! Hooray!

RichardBamberg said...

I received my first shipment today.


Fred said...

Sean, I received my first seven volumes yesterday.