Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Website: Where's Neal Stephenson's Metaverse?

We finally got the glitches out of the website design and I got to take a peek--sans any real content--and it's lookin' pretty swanky. I'll post links shortly.


Zarf said...

Am trying to wait (patiently) for the website....but, while we're waiting, is there any update on the production/shipment schedule for new volumes? Based on earlier estimates (and I realize that they were only estimates), I had hoped that we would have started receiving additional volumes by this time.

And thanks, again, for keeping the information conduit open!!

Irish said...

When does the Trust plan to notify ALL of the subscribers about what's going on? IMHO, the handling of this entire situation has been very, VERY tacky.

Tim said...

A lifelong fanatic for Heinlein, I paid up the full price for the simplest version of the books. I received several confusing emails during the summer and no defintive information as to who was responsible for fulfilling the contract. This blog, which it has taken be a very long time to find, is the best inforamtion I have seen in many months.

I don't really give a darn for the slipcovers, the boxes or the artwork. I was just looking forward to a nice complete hardcover collection of my favorite author.

But a regular email, sent to the address that I regsitered when I paid my money, would go a long way to demonstrating that the Heinlein Trust has not forgotten about our contract. The blog is great, but it is not sufficient. It does nt indicate that the Trust remembers _me_.

Irish said...

Tim, you're one up on me. I've received not one word, not a single e-mail, and I found this blog only by dumb luck after months of searching. As far as I can determine, this blog doesn't come up within the first **300** returns on a Google of the term "Robert Heinlein" (no quotes) and only recently showed up under "Virginia Edition", Heinlein (with quotes as shown).

Initially, when MM ran into problems, the Trust had my sympathy. Since mid-July, I'm left completely cold.