Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Commentary and Riposte I

Question: With whom are you affiliated? Are you with Meisha Merlin RAH, or with the Heinlein Prize Trust? Other? Will you be at the Centennial to answer questions?

I am an employee the Heinlein Prize Trust. Meisha-Merlin is now a defunct organization; further progress on the Virginia Edition will be handled by a new corporation set up and guaranteed by the Trust. I will be at the Centennial along with Buckner Hightower, one of the Heinlein Trustees. We will be available throughout the Centennial to answer questions and I believe Mr. Hightower intends to have a question-and-answer session on Saturday or Sunday.

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Jack said...

Hi Sean and welcome to your new position.

I do have a question. I purchased the "exclusive" Virginia Edition (I wanted some Heinlein memorabilia) and paid on an AMEX card. Would it help the trust if I try to get AMEX to reimbuse the charges to Meisha Merlin? I have to go back and look at my credit card receipts but I think I spent 4 or 5 thousand dollars.

My other question is do you still intend to offer the limited "exclusive" Virginia editions to the current subscribers?

In any event I am delighted you are taking over, and whatever happend I am confident the trust will ultimately release Robert's books in the finest form ever.


P.S. Thanks for the letter and book. They arrived today.